ENVIROCHECK ™ - Get Your Home Clean, Checked, and Certified.

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ENVIROCHECK – Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Assessement

96% of all homes have at least one IAQ problem. Get your home checked!

ENVIROCHECK™ is the only certified home assessment available to both homeowners and home buyers, devoted exclusively to the environmental makeup of a home and is offer exclusively by Bio3.
ENVIROCHECK™ ensures homebuyers that the new home they are about to purchase is safe for their family and friends.
ENVIROCHECK™ helps homeowners trying to sell their home by being able to advertise a certified, environmentally safe home.


Property Assessment Level 1
  • Client Health/Wellness Interview (as it relates to indoor environmental quality)
  • Visual walk-through inspection
  • Test for combustible gas leaks
  • Test for microwave leaks
  • Verify temperature & relative humidity
  • Test for CO & CO2 levels
  • Test for light and sound levels
  • Bio3 Customized Written Report of findings
  • Bio3 Certificate of Compliance
Concerned Package: $395.00


Property Assessment Level 2
  • Includes all interviews, inspections and tests performed in the Level 1 Assessment, plus..
  • Test painted surfaced for lead (2 areas)
  • Check HVAC filter(s) – Change filter(s) provided by Client
  • Test for fungal spores (mold) – Air/sureface sampling (up to 3 samples)
  • Independent Laboratory Report
  • Bio3 Customized report with digital documentation laboratory findings
  • Written conclusions/ recommendations based upon results for laboratory
Responsible Package: $945.00


Property Assessment Level 3
  • Includes all interviews, inspections, tests and samplings performed in the Level 2 Assessment, plus..
  • Thermographic imaging (up to 4 images)
  • Test for Radon
  • Bio3 Customized Report with digital documentation of findings, with written conclusions/recommendations
  • -10% Discount on future services:
  • Additional air, surface or bulk samples
  • Test added paint surfaced for lead paint
  • Test bulk materials for asbestos
  • Test air for volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
Concerned Package: $1,275.00