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improve YOUR environment ™


bio3’s building science | forensics division

  • Bio3 identifies and monitors IEQ issues that may exist in your building
  • We develop practical, permanent solutions to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) concerns
  • Bio3 utilizes only nationally accredited & certified laboratories for identification and enumeration
  • We can identity sources of mercury and mercury vapor and develop procedures on appropriate actions
  • Bio3 offers continuing education for other professional on IEQ and IAQ basics
  • EnviroCheck has been developed by Bio3 as the ONLY home assessment

what we do

  • Bio3 will identify, locate the source, and eliminate the cause of IAQ problems
  • We identify and eliminate the many potential causes of Building Related Illnesses (BRI) and Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).
  • Bio3 offers superior solutions, based on the latest advancements in building science and technology
  • We strive to achieve our goal of complete customer satisfaction.

how we do it

Bio3 couples innovative technologies with detailed and transparent communication throughout every step of the process to offer our clients a comprehensive list of services to achieve superior results. Bio3 has put together a team of certified professionals including:


  • Experts in the science of buildings
  • Experts in building design and construction
  • Professional diagnostic and service technicians
  • Experts at working with your insurance company

Our team has two goals – complete satisfaction and to… improve YOUR environment™

our guarantee

  • Our goal is complete customer satisfaction
  • Bio3 offers a 100% guarantee that we will improve your IAQ level provided our consulting, diagnostics, protocols, and training advice and recommendations are followed


building science | forensic services

Whenever a building owner encounters an indoor environmental quality (IEQ) issue, Bio3 is able to investigate the issue, diagnose potential causes, and develop appropriate recommendations for practical and permanent solutions.

Bio3 utilizes the latest in science and technology coupled with our experience in the science of buildings to provide our clients with uncompromised, professionals consultations to analyze the environmental issues and correct any deficiencies with the building.

Bio3 provides its clients with initial Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing for indoor fungal contamination using nationally accredited & certified laboratories for identification and enumeration.

After an initial, non-invasive, non-destructive walk-through inspection of a building, Bio3 can sample the air to find any fungal spores that may be present in the indoor air.

In addition to air sampling, Bio3 can the both surface and/or bulk samples for further analysis by the same nationally accredited and certified laboratories we use for our air samples.

We can take surface samples using either a tape life sampling method or swab sampling method bulk samplings are actually pieces of building materials to be analyzed for the presence of fungal spores.

Mercury vapor is created in its most concentrated form every time a silver amalgam is removed, modified, polished or grounded. Once heated to the vaporization point, mercury becomes airborne and will enter the human body.

Bio3 environmental Services, LLC can help your dental practice create more environmentally responsible and more regulatory compliant environment by performing our tests and procedures.

Bio3 is creating educational seminars on such topics as “Introduction to Mold”, “Indoor Air Quality Basics”, and others. These seminars will be approved for continuing education credits for real estate agents, insurance agents and other professionals. Call us to schedule a time for us to inform and educate your entire staff.

ENVIROCHECK™ is the only certified home assessment available to both homeowners and homebuyers, devoted exclusively to the environmental makeup of a home, and is offered exclusively by Bio3.

ENVIROCHECK™ ensures homebuyers that the new home they are about to purchase is safe for their family and friends.

ENVIROCHECK™ helps homeowners trying to sell their home by being able to advertise a certified, environmentally safe home.

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