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Unfortunately, we are unable to give any pricing over the phone, without first doing a visual, walk-through inspection, as well as, air and/or surface sampling tests to first determine what type of fungal growth may be present, and what the appropriate remediation process should be for your particular situation.
The Building Science|Forensics Division of Bio3 provides our clients with IAQ testing and monitoring services to identify potential indoor air quality issues. Due to company policy and the potential for conflict of interest, Bio3 does not perform any pre-remediation testing or post-remediation clearance testing on any mold remediation services provided by our company. We strongly recommend independent third party testing on all mold remediation projects. To read more about our ‘Double Certification Process’, visit our “Knowledge Page” and read “About Bio3”.
Depending upon the type of samples taken, the number of samples taken, and the type of analysis required, it could take anywhere from 12 hours (for expedited service) to 2 weeks (for culturable air samples). The cost will vary with the type and number of samples taken also, as well as, with the type of lab analysis performed.
We have all been concerned about the air pollution we breathe outside for a long time now. According to the U.S. EPA, we spend 90% of our time indoors, where pollutants can be 2-100X higher than outdoors. The quality of our indoor air is critical as the average American takes in approximately 3,400 gallons of air daily.