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bio3’s restoration | renovation division

  • Bio3 offers complete design and general contracting services
  • We provide complete restoration to buildings from catastrophic events (fire, water, or wind damage)
  • We offer historic renovations or total remodeling to existing structures
  • Bio3’s professional craftsmen complete work in a professional and courteous manner
  • All Bio3 representatives must live up to our Statement of Professional Practice
  • Our team of professionals consist of:
    • Talented and courteous carpenters and subcontractors
    • In-house, State of Ohio, registered architect
    • Certified technicians and consultants

what we do

  • Bio3 will repair and restore any damage inflicted upon your home or business
  • We strive to restore your structure to a better condition than it was just prior to any catastrophic damage
  • Bio3 offers solutions based on the latest advancements in building science and technology
  • We strive to achieve our goal of complete customer satisfaction

how we do it

  • Bio3 couples innovative technologies with detailed and transparent communication throughout entire process
  • Offer our clients a comprehensive list of services to achieve superior results
  • Bio3 offers our clients:
    • Experts in the science of buildings
    • Experts in building design and construction
    • Professional diagnostic and service technicians
    • Experts at working with your insurance company

our guarantee

  • Our goal is complete customer satisfaction
  • Bio3 offers a 100% guarantee that we will improve YOUR environment
  • We provide superior customer service and the highest ethical & scientific standards

our services

Structure fires are started in many different ways:

    • Lightning strikes
    • Electrical malfunctions
    • Kitchen accidents
    • Smoking accidents
    • Arson
    • Kids playing with matches|lighters
  • Each type of fire presents unique challenges to properly restore | renovate
  • Our staff are experts at working with your insurance company
  • We make sure all the damage in your home or building is properly identified
  • We make sure all the damage is properly repaired, removed, and/or replaced

Besides the physical damage from a structure fire:

  • Smoke damage can be found throughout the entire structure
  • Smoke is forced through every hole, crack and opening
  • All floors, walls and ceilings are affected
  • Our certified technicians make sure to take proper care to prevent lingering odors

Water damage has many possible causes also:

    • Pipes bursting
    • Toilets overflowing
    • Sewer drains backing up
    • Roof leaks
    • Excessive ground water
    • Water used to extinguish a fire
  • Water must be mitigated immediately to prevent growth of mold and bacteria
  • The moisture in the indoor air must be lowered
  • Our certified experts know how to handle these problems quickly and efficiently
  • They are equipped to minimize damages caused

We don’t need hurricanes and tornadoes to sustain wind damage.
Gusting winds and straight-line winds are capable of:

  • Damaging and ripping off shingles
  • Damaging and ripping off siding
  • Blowing items through windows and walls
  • Knocking down tree branches that fall through your roof

These damages must be repaired immediately to prevent further damage from:

  • Water damage and mold|bacteria growth
  • Animal or pest intrusion and subsequent damages
  • Additional damage from more wind

Vandalism occurs in every part of our communities not just inner-city or urban industrial settings

Vandalism can include:

  • Spray painting graffiti
  • Breaking windows and doors
  • Damage to interior walls, floors and ceilings
  • Damage to cabinetry and countertops
  • Damage to plumbing and HVAC components

Our experts can eradicate any graffiti and repair | replace any damaged components in your home or building.

  • Our building and design experts will help you with the difficult challenge of modifying or adding to a historically significant structure
  • Our knowledge and expertise will also allow you to modify or add to your existing home or building with historical styles and/or details
  • We can even research historic archives to assist with restoring an existing, modified structure back to its original appearance

  • Bio3 has our own in-house, State of Ohio registered architect
  • We have a team of building professionals and experts
  • Bio3 is able to design and build any possible modification or addition from initial concept through to an expertly completed project
  • We will show you all the possibilities so you can make educated decisions on the design of the project and on the selection of materials and methods

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